Composting Toilets Initiative

A major objective for 2017/18 is provision of improved toilet facilities on Ealing allotment sites. Most allotment sites particularly smaller sites, lack toilets but with increasing use of allotments by female tenants, families and community groups this needs to change. EAP, working with Ealing Council, has made major steps forward in this area.

EAP achieved grants for the provision of composting toilets, from "Heathrow Community Fund" for £2,500 and the National Lottery "Awards 4-All Fund" for £6,500. Ealing Council has provided matching funds increasing the total to £18,000. We are now in the position to finance a total of fourteen toilets. Additionally, six sites, Whitton Place and Whitton Drive (Greenford), Jubilee Road (Perivale), Lime Trees (Northolt), Oldfield (Northolt), and Northfields (Pathways) have independently applied for, and been awarded, Ward Forum funds.

Funds have already been allocated for the purchase and assembly of toilets at six sites Cleveley Crescent (Perivale), High Lane, Durdans Park (Southall), St Dunstans and The Crescent (Acton), and Horsenden (Greenford), who answered EAP’s original call for sites wishing to be considered for provision of a composting toilet.

A second opportunity to make a bid for a composting toilet is being arranged. In general, the intention is to favour sites that lack the capacity to generate their own funds. Sites with Council-appointed managers working together with a local allotment association normally have the capability for generating funds via applications to their local Ward Forum. Larger locally managed sites have the further option of self-funding via their retained rental income intended for site development. However, there are no blanket rules and representatives of sites wishing to make an application should contact Joseph Mangar via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss their situation.

The toilets come in kit form, not difficult to erect requiring only fairly elementary DIY skills. It is fully recognised that some smaller sites may not have tenants with such skills. The intention is to institute a rolling programme of advisers/helpers under which those who have had experience of erecting a composting toilet on their own site would offer to act as mentors to tenants on other sites.

Once erected, the upkeep and maintenance of the toilet, both fairly minimal, become the responsibility of the site tenants. Please note that EAP reserves the right to turn down applications from sites where no clear system for this upkeep can be established.