Raised Beds for Rent

We are all familiar with the idea of using raised beds as a convenient means of dividing up a plot or sectioning off part of it for the growth of a particular crop. However, a rather different aspect of their use came up at a meeting of Ealing Allotment Site Managers. Namely, whether or not allotment sites/local allotment societies should get involved in constructing and renting out individual raised beds for general purpose use and if so, how this should be handled.

We have compiled an article of ideas and suggestions on the pros and cons of various aspects of this question. Our intention is to provide ideas, not to be prescriptive or definitive.

There ar two long sections: What, where, why and rules, and Constructing raised beds. The two sections are combined in one PDF for download.

Advice on rent to be charged is included in "What, where, why and rules", and should be confirmed with the Council for your particular circumstance and site.

The content will be revised as and when needed.