Site Management

There are forty five Council allotment sites in the Borough of Ealing, approximately a dozen sites owned and run by various charities, and four sites leased and managed by Acton Gardening Association.

Of the Council sites, there is currently one site, Pitshanger Park, which is fully self-managed. It is leased and managed by the Pitshanger Allotments Conservation Association that is responsible for the management of all aspects of the site including the site infrastructure. Click on Pitshanger for more details. Nine other sites, Ascott, Braund Avenue, Brentham, Blondin, High Lane, the Horsenden sites (Whitton Place, Whitton Drive and Horsenden) and South Acton operate under a Local Management scheme which involves responsibility for the day-to-day management of the site with the Council retaining responsibility for the maintenance of the basic site infrastructure. The remainder of the Council sites are directly managed by the Council with the aid, in the case of many of the larger sites, of volunteer Council-appointed site managers.

Ealing Council is keen to promote the idea of self-management of Council allotments. To access a report on a presentation on the subject by Chris Bunting (Ealing Council’s Director of Leisure) at the 2013 AGM, click on newsletter. Click on developments for a summary of progress in Ealing in this area; and on Local Management to access a copy of the lease detailing the Ealing Local Management scheme. Click on information for examples of model leases for various forms of self-management adopted by other boroughs.


Selling Surplus Produce

It is common for allotment holders to donate surplus produce to local churches or charities and also share friends, perhaps in exchange or nominal monies. Extending this practise to wider public implies some form of trade, which is contrary to allotment regulations and not encouraged.

Allotments Regeneration Initiative

The following documents are PDF from Allotments Regeneration Initiative. The initiative ended during 2016 though the work continues through National Allotments Society and Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens. Bear in mind the guidance linked below may be out of date.

The Federation refreshed the Allotments Regeneration Initiative material to their own needs. The revised publications are available from their website.