Ealing in Bloom, past results in allotments category

Results for Ealing in Bloom (2015)

Oldfield Allotments and Braund Avenue both held on to their last year's first prize positions for the best large and small allotment sites, respectively. An increasing number of sites, however, are snapping at their heels and it will be interesting to see how long they can maintain their winning runs. This year, the first prize in the large allotment plot category went to Kristine Kristensen of Oldfield Allotments. Her entry so impressed the judges that she was also awarded the prestigious "Judges Special Award". Top spot in the small plot category was taken by Eddie Weston of Whitton Drive. Click on results to view a summary of results published in the Autumn 2015 edition of the EAP newsletter

Results for Ealing in Bloom (2016)

Oldfield and Framfield shared first prize battle in the large allotment category and Braund Avenue retained its first place in the small allotment category for yet one more year. In the large plot category, the same plotholders as in 2015 won the first three prizes but with Joaanne Jackson of Oldfield taking over the top spot from her fellow plotholder Kristine Kristensen in second place. The small plot category was topped by Wiktor Staniaszck of Braund Avenue. A summary of this year's results is in the Autumn 2016 edition of the EAP newsletter.