Picture of allotment garden

Ealing in Bloom

Garden competitions organised by the Acton, Southall and Ealing Boroughs date back to the 1930’s. They were suspended during the war years but revived after the war. However, they ceased altogether when the two Boroughs merged in 1965. The “Ealing In Bloom” competition started in 1984 and was initially organised by the Ealing Council Parks Department. A formal independent “Ealing in Bloom” committee was established in 1989. The annual “Ealing in Bloom” competition is divided into categories ranging from single balconies through individual allotment plots of different sizes to entire allotment sites. Judging is carried out in early June and late July by a team of both amateur and professional judges. The highlight of the competition is the Presentation of Awards by the Committee's President, the Mayor of Ealing, at the Annual Presentation Ceremony, in September.

Ealing in Bloom – Allotments

Click on newsletter to access the Spring 2014 EAP newsletter containing an article on the experiences of Patrick Williams as a judge in the Allotments section of Ealing in Bloom and read his views on the advantages to tenants and site managers of entering the competition.

Entry Forms and Judging Criteria

A call for entries is issued in the spring of each year and judging involves two visits by judges in June and July to view allotments at different stages of the growing season. The example mark sheets show judging criteria and their relative contribution to the overall assessment.

Entries for large or small allotment plots will be accepted only if completed by plot holder.