Ealing Allotment Sites

Interactive map available at this link.

2016 map of Ealing borough showing approximate location of allotment sites for download (PDF 1.7mb A2 print size)

Ealing council, several charities and various independent allotment associations provide and manage approximately sixty allotment sites across the borough. The ideal choice for an allotment is at a site close to home, but availability in some areas is limited and there are waiting lists for many sites.

Sites are listed under the main local areas of the borough (menu sidebar). Check through the sites and speak directly to the local contact (normally the Site Manager) to arrange a viewing. If there are no plots available, he/she will add you to the site's waiting list and you will be contacted when a plot becomes free.

Please note there is no centralised waiting list for the borough as a whole and that you might be well advised to contact more than one site.