Grape and Honey Farm - help needed

HAAGA (Horsenden Alltoment & Garden Association) need your support reclaiming delict land to create a Grape and Honey Farm that doubles as an education facility for local schools and families. The site is located off Whitton Avenue, North Greenford

The profit will be a community feel good factor and produce given to local schools, families, hospitals or community groups (like the scouts).

You can pledge time to clear and cultivate the site, and/or donations towards the £37,000 needed.

More information and news on HAAGA Facebook and fund raising information at SpaceHive, Horsenden Grape and Honey Farm.

Local Events summer 2017

The Mikron Theatre company will be returning to Framfield on 17th June, at 1:00PM. Dryden Ave gate, W7 1ES

Saturday, 8th July: HAAGA Summer Show

Saturday, 2nd September HAAGA Autumn Show

Sunday, 3rd September Jubilee Road Open Day

Saturday, 9th September Ealing and Hanwell Allotment Association Show

Contact site managers for more information.

Site Managers meeting, 25 April 2017

Notes of discussions at this meeting are available as PDF from this link

As a follow up from our last meeting in September, I would like to invite site managers to another Allotment Management meeting to update you on a few items in advance of the fast approaching inspection season.

As with the previous meetings, we will host it at Perceval House (please come to staff reception) on Tuesday 25th April, 2017 starting promptly at 7:00pm. For any sites being managed under local management, please try and limit attendance to 2 people.

If you are unable to attend, please feel free to arrange someone else to attend on your behalf.

Look forward to seeing you all again.

Kind regards,

Chris Welsh

Parks Operations Manager, Environment & Leisure, London Borough of Ealing

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EAP AGM minutes 2017


Full report (PDF 162kb)

Ealing in Bloom

Ealing in Bloom poster

The time for submitting your entry to the annual Ealing-in-Bloom competition has come around again. As usual there are four categories:

  • Large allotment Site (over 50 plots)
  • Small allotment Site (50 or less plots)
  • Large allotment plot (over 7.5 poles)
  • Small allotment plot (7.5 poles or less)

Apart from the fact that it’s fun, why bother to enter?  At the site level, it encourages plot holders to feel part of a community; it also focuses attention on how well the site is doing – not unimportant in light of the current threat to the Northfields site. At the individual plot level, it can give you a sense of fulfilment regarding how well your plot is being utilised.

Click on entry form to access a copy. Two important things to remember are that the closing date for allotment entries is the 12th May (earlier than other categories) and that entries under the individual plot category must be made by the plot holder - not the site manager.